For a better future

TSBIO Life Sciences will do it's best.

For a better future

TSBIO Life Sciences will do it's best.

For a better future

TSBIO Life Sciences will do it's best.

Biologics that
make more sense.

TS Bio Corp. has provided innovative and various portfolios for 21st-century regenerative medicine. We promise to do our best to create a happier and more valuable future.

  • Pipeline 01 Stem Cells

    TS Bio utilizes highly proliferative and high-purity stem cells and various stem cell expansion methods to develop innovative cell therapy products that overcome the limitations of existing cell therapy products.

  • Pipeline 02 Immune cells

    NK Cell Therapy, CAT Therapy, DC Therapy using actively proliferatinv immune cells returining into the body with advanced technology would suppress cancer cell expansion.

R&D Better Solutions For a Better Future

TS Bio has kept collaborating with various institutions and companies to develop better treatment medicines.

Research facility Global Cell Therapy

Those medicines have been developed through the strict process control of TS Bio, which is committed to making a safer product.

TS Bio has conducted a cell storage business that needs advanced facilities and specialties.

  • 01

    In 'Cell Therapeutics manufacturing center', large-scale cell culturing is available for stem cells and immune cells independently.

  • 02

    Using our high 'Quality Control' techniques, every manufactured cells undergo quality testing to assess its safety and efficacy

  • 03

    The 'Cell Therapeutics manufacturing Center' enables to store cells sustaining their high activity and asepsis condition by real-time monitoring

  • 01

    We provide a product’s characterization analysis precisely

  • 02

    We analyze the difference between production steps to optimize the process.

  • 03

    We demonstrate our manufacturing capacity for non-clinical, clinical, and commercial products for regenerative medicine and technology.

Merit Pioneering
Into the future

Smart Factory enabling real-time monitoring Operating 'Manufacturing center', for each stem cells and immune cells. Highly advanced 'Quality Testing', assessing products' safety and efficacy

Cooperation and agreements for technology transfer

Joint research and development (R&D) and technology transfers with and from various enterprises, such as Cell2in, PAEAN Biotechnology, etc., based on technology and growth

and certifications

Various patents and certifications concerned Certification of Excellent Employee Invention Compensation Organizations Approval for ‘Advanced Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing’

Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU)

Various leadership programs and business agreements signed, such as with the Japanese medical corporation Kihoukai, Hanyang University, ERICA campus, etc.

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